There is no doubt that you
will love this wall clock. In this project we used RGB LED again. And of course 3d printer is very important for us. We designed and produced some of the pieces needed for our WALL CLOCK again. And it’s not just a clock. It also contains different ANIMATIONS. You can also use the clock as an animation if you like.
How do you control this clock and animations? Do not worry. We developed it in an application for you. Very simple application. You can download the link.
Arduino is indispensable. We used Arduino Nano to save space. Our RGB WALL CLOCK project, which has a small electronic circuitry, will not let you down. We do not want to excite you any further, and we invite you to watch our video.
And If you want to make this ” ANIMATED RGB WALL CLOCK “, you need some materials,3D Printer parts files, arduino codes and electronic shematic.”


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