This Instructable describes how to make a clock using EL wire. The design of this clock resembles a combination of a Neon sign and a Nixie clock.
While creating a “Neon” name board with EL Wire, I wanted to add some animation. This resulted in some arduino controlled EL wires. And somehow I came up with the idea to create a clock using EL wire. This clock contains a total of 40 EL wires, of which 32 are controlled by an Arduino. And all time between 00:00 and 23:59 can be displayed with these EL wires.
This instructable starts with making a simple name board with EL wire. Then a single EL wire is divided into several wires. And these are controlled with an Arduino. Then the design and the build of the clock is described. Together with two different build options for the electronics: A solderless version with relays and a version with triacs.
With 21 steps this instructable has become more extensive than necessary for this clock. But the additional steps provide extra information to get started with EL wire. And that does not necessarily have to be this clock.”


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