Good waste management has become an essential issue for our planet. In public and natural spaces, many do not pay attention to the waste they leave behind. When there is no garbage collector available, it is easier to leave waste on site than bring them back. Even the so-called preserved spaces are polluted by waste.

Why we need a smart waste bin? (Solution)

To preserve natural areas, it is important to provide well-managed waste collection points: To prevent them from overflowing, the bins must be raised regularly. It is hard to get through the right time: too soon, and the trash can be empty, too late and the trash can overflow. This problem is all the more critical when the bin is difficult to access (such as on hiking trails in the mountains).In this rational waste management, sorting can be a major challenge. Organics waste can be directly processed by nature, in composting.

Purpose of the Project
The purpose of our project is to provide a supervision device for an intelligent waste bin. This device integrates several sensors to supervise the state of the trash.

Capacity sensor: based on the ultrasonic system, used to prevent overflows by alerting the garbage collection team.
Temperature and humidity sensor: used to monitor the trash environment. This can be useful to manage the condition of organic compost and to prevent contamination in some specific case (very wet or hot conditions, the risk of fire in very dry conditions). A garbage fire can have dramatic effects on the environment (for example it can cause a forest fire). The combination of the temperature and humidity values can alert supervision team about the problem.
PIR Motion sensor: an opening detector will be installed on the trash lid to get statistics on garbage use and detect bad closure.”


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