Bluetooth and voice control, this two topics are close to each other when it comes to Arduino. A lot of people want to make something with bluetooth, and some of them want to use voice control. There are a lot of project of bluetooth controlled, robots, cars, boats, drones and so on. And they are cool, I like them, but I prefer to make more original things, that have never been made before or at least add something new to old, well known things. When I am making this kind of projects I feel like Neil Armstrong when he was the first man on the moon :D Just kidding, but I like creating new things that have never been made before, because I can :)
So what I wanted to make in this project? Basicly a lamp, everyone know what is a lamp but for last few hundreds of yeas when you wanted to move your lamp you have to make this by hand. And this is a simple task, but imagine this kind of situation, that I faced with very often, you are soldering something, in one hand you have soldering iron and tin in second hand. So if you want to move a lamp you have to stop soldering move the lamp and start again. That’s annoying! And here my lamp comes, to overcome this problem I added a voice control over bluetooth. So if dream about controlling your lamp with your voice, you want to solder more efficient or you are such a lazy person :) this project is perfect for you! Without more talking let’s see what we will need to make it.”


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