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Here is my take on the laboratory rocker, which is a laboratory tool/device used in laboratories for mild to moderately aggressive biological and molecular mixing applications.

→ This variable speed, 2-dimensional rocker was completely designed in Autodesk Fusion360.
→ The design utilizes a changeable apparatus rack/tray/platform for holding apparatus to perform a see-saw motion for mixing content.
→ The rack/tray can be secure in place using the side locks on either side.

→ I have uploaded two types of racks/trays for this Thing: -

• Single Piece Test Tube Rack
• Single Piece Beaker Tray

→ The surface area dimension of the beaker tray are 205 x 105 millimeters.

→ The prototype model employs an Arduino UNO, a NEMA 17 stepper motor, EasyDriver v4.4, an external 12V DC power supply, readily available skateboard bearings and some basic electronics equipment like connector wires, potentiometers, breadboard and soldering machinery. I bought this kit to save me some time from searching for individual components.

→ The project is open source and identical 3-D printable models (STL) and product photographs are also available onThe National Institutes of Health’s 3-D print exchange.

→ Schematic files of the circuit ,made using Fritzing Software and the Arduino code is available on my Google Drive.

→ Please feel free to suggest me some more tray/rack design ideas or design some yourself and add attribution for the original design in the remix section.

→ If you appreciate the design, give it a Like and do share it with your colleagues on social media. Thank you!

It is my sincere hope that my design and contribution will help out many of the research personnel, small labs, wet labs etc. who plan to incorporate laboratory equipment like this with a tight budget. I will always welcome any sort of a constructive criticism, suggestions, improvement tips and other methods that you would like to be incorporated. You can find me on LinkedIn, connect with me and we can talk via LinkedIn message.

PS: The model was printed on Thomas Hewlett’s Hub on 3D Hubs. Thomas is an engineer by trade and I highly recommend him for all your professional and personal projects.”

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