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As can be seen from my previous uploads I obtained some 7 Segment Display boards from some old weighing equipment.
My previous effort used an Arduino with a Real Time Clock module.
This Instructable uses a ESP8266 D1 Mini connected to an NTP server !
The code is based on an example from the ESP8266WiFi library.
I am not going to go into detail regarding the 7 Segment display wiring as there are dozens of examples on the net. The 2 boards I have, use the MAX7219 decoder driver chip, these only require 3 pins to control up to 8 x 7 Segment Displays.
I also wanted to show the date, so another 3 pins were needed !
I needed another 7 ouputs to display the Day! To get around the lack of output pins, I chose a Neo Pixel display, 1 pin, 7 outputs !”

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