ESP8266 Neopixel Ring Clock

So, I bought a 24 LED Neopixel Ring and was trying to decide what to do with it. I had originally planned on using the ring for a Cheerlights project but after making a Cheerlight out of it I decided this was a terrible waste of the ring. So, one weekend when visiting my local Makerspace (Medway Makers in the UK) I decided I would make a clock out of it. The ESP8266 is ideal for this as has wifi so the time can be obtained over NTP and it can also control the Neopixel Ring. I use the Wemos D1 Mini as they are very simple to use, have a micro-USB connection for power and data, cost only a few bucks and can be used very easily with the Arduino IDE. This is a very simple project with simple code and not much in the way of a circuit.”


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