I think this is a topic every parent is struggling with. How much can the kids play with their iPads (or any other tablet).
We tried multiple approaches, like fixed times, but that did not really work as our kid then always wanted to go home the moment he was allowed to play with his iPad.
The iPad Play TimerSo I made the iPad Play Timer. A clear, simple device, that gives kids self-control on when they can use their beloved iPad. In the software you can set for each day of the week how much time they are allowed to play on the iPad (or any other Tablet). Of course, zero minutes is also an option :-) like in our case on school days.
BONUS CARD SYSTEMIt includes a “bonus card system”. These are RFID cards that kids can earn, for instance when they finish a healthy meal without moaning :-) You can setup in the software how much extra time each card will add. In our case, our son is only allowed to play on the weekends (fri, sat and sun), so he can collect these cards thru out the week and can decide him self when he wants the extra time on those days.
Of course each card can only be used once! There is a “parent” RFID tag that can reset all the used cards, so that they can be re-used.”


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