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Access Control system using a cheap MFRC522, PN532 RFID, RDM6300 readers or Wiegand RFID readers and Espressif’s ESP8266 Microcontroller.

For Users
- Minimal effort for setting up your Access Control system, just flash and everything can be configured via Web UI
- Capable of managing up to 1.000 Users (even more is possible)
- Great for Maker Spaces, Labs, Schools, etc
- Cheap to build and easy to maintain
For Tinkerers
- Open Source (minimum amount of hardcoded variable, this means more freedom)
- Using WebSocket protocol to exchange data between Hardware and Web Browser
- Data is encoded as JSON object
- Records are Timestamped (Time synced from a NTP Server)
- MQTT enabled
- Bootstrap, jQuery, FooTables for beautiful Web Pages for both Mobile and Desktop Screens
- Thanks to ESPAsyncWebServer Library communication is Asynchronous
Official Hardware
- Small size form factor, sometimes it is possible to glue it into existing readers.
- Single power source to power 12V/2A powers ESP12 module, RFID Wiegand Reader and magnetic lock for opening doors.
- Exposed programming pins for ESP8266
- Regarding hardware design, you get multiple possible setup options:
- Forward Bell ringing on reader to MCU or pass it out of board
- Track Door Status
- Control reader’s status LED
- Control reader’s status BUZZER sound *
- Power reader, lock and the board through single 12V, 2A PSU
- Optionally power magnetic lock through external AC/DC PSU
- Possible to use any kind and any type of Wiegand readers
- Enables you to make IOT Access System with very little wiring
- Fits in an universal enclosures with DIN mount
- Open Source Hardware”

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