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Multimodal Clock

I love clocks! I was looking for an instructable for a clock displaying roman numerals on screen. When i did not get any suitable ones on arduino base, i decided to build one myself. Coupled with a color TFT display, I was wondering what else can be displayed and viola! thoughts of various number systems studied in my bachelor of engineering college days (more than 2 decades back!) came rushing in:Binary, Digital, Octal & Hexadecimal etc etc

This though got me started and after much planning & coding, here is the implementation t!

Distinctive features of this clock:

Multi-modal display where you can have time shown in 5 various number systems in one screen or each number format shown in separate screens selected by a push button.
The clock face orientation can be on any 4 sides and the data on display can aligned to the orientation using a push button. Later i intend to use a gyro/acceleration sensor to orient the display based on the side it is turned on.
Modes available

Hexadecimal (Base 16)
Octal (Base 8)
Binary (Base 2)
For someone new to these numbering systems here are the links from the net
Binary format:

Octal format:

Hexadecimal format:

Roman format:”

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