Simple DIY Party PhotoBooth!

Welcome back!Me and my future wife is close to our wedding now and we decided to save some money and make out own PhotoBooth instead of renting one. We had more or less all the equipment for the system, all we needed was an enclosure and some software.
We used this Software: It was super easy to use and you can use all from a usb webcam to a big dslr camera. It automatically saves the pictures on the computer both in the PhotoBooth layout and the raw original in high quality!
We were asked by some people on a Facebook wedding page (Bryllup - Jeg skal giftes - to make this so we hope you will excuse us for doing it in english. ;-)
In this instructable there is not mentioned any measurement because it will most likely be different from person to person how big or small they want it. i have shown, how we made it and where you need to be careful and were the details are important.Let’s go!”


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