This is my electronubino, version 1. O. In this tutorial I will show you how I’ve made my own board as the Arduino Uno but with some unique addons that I wanted. My board has double row of pins, SPI port compatible with this NRF24 modules because I use those a lot, mini B USB port, white LEDs and some unique logos. So, let’s get started.

INTRO - About Arduino
If you’ve been on this website for a while, I bet you know what the Arduino microcontroller is. There are many versions of Arduino using the Atmega328 chip. There is the Arduino UNO, the NANO, the pro mini and other versions of boards that use the same chip.
For tests, when I’m building a new project, I almost always use the Arduino UNO because it is simple, it has female pins for me to connect jump wires, it has a USB connector to program it, has external supply plug and voltages of 5 and 3,3 volts.
In this project, I’ve made my own unique Arduino UNO and name it ELECTRONOOBINO, and I’ll show you how to make your own. You, see, Arduino is an open hardware development board, all the components are free to buy and use, so, I could gather all the components and make my own board and call it whatever I want. Before we start, I want to thank to the Arduino community for all they’ve done. Without Arduino, my channel/webpage would probably not even exist, it basically changed my life.

So, why I’m showing you this? Well, once you know how to make the Arduino schematic, you could build your own boards with the ATmega microcontroller as I’ve made with my drone board, the radio controller, this portable soldering iron and my CNC machine.”


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