"Charlotte's Web" Style LED Filament Clock

Ever since I first saw the LED filament light-bulbs I have been thinking that the filaments must be good for something, but it took until the closing-down sale of a local electronics part shop for me to buy some bulbs with the intention to smash them and see what I could do with the filaments.
It didn’t take long to decide that they would make an interesting clock, and that it would be a lot of fun to float the segments in the air suspended only by their power wires.
Part way through building it I realised that it was oddly reminiscent of the cobwebs with writing in from the book “Charlotte’s Web”
Bear in mind that this device has 80V on the bare metal frame. But using an isolating DC-to-DC converter and power supply means that it is possible to touch the frame and not get a shock. Or at least I haven’t.”


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