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PYcARD (Jean-Luc) - Python+Arduino in card shape

SamD21 card development platform with 22x5 led matrix display, sd card, battery, environment sensors

- wallet development platform :)- badge / wrist band holes ( wearable )- compatible board with micropython (CircuitPython) - extra thin Display from here I2C header for extra sensors ( TOL distance, pressure, compass, gas )- DS3231 > precise RTC- SHT21 > temperature, humidity- BME280 > temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure … maybe BME680 soon- RGB led- Power led- 3+1 buttons- micro USB or PCB USB- sd card reader - CR2032 battery optional power supply or DS3231 backup- buzzer- Enig gold 2mm PCB boardEasy program in python, just plug in to USB, you can see mass storage device with .py filesjust change program in notepad … amazing simple.Or write sketch in arduino IDE :)”

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