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In this tutorial, I will show you how I made this RGB lamp! The lamp is mostly 3D printed, and is easy to assemble. It uses an array of WS2812B individual addressable RGB LEDs, which gives it the ability to not only show every color, but also in different effects, like simulating a fire. All of this can be controlled via the app, WLED.

It can also be set up with different presets, which can be triggered by smart home devices like Google Home and Alexa, as well as being paired with Home Assistant.

The lamp also has a button on top, for local control. In the tutorial, I will show you how to connect a capacitive touch button, but you can also hook up a physical button like you can see I have done in the video and pictures.

Here is a list of parts:

LED Strip (2 meters is enough)
Wemos D1
TTP223 Touch sensor

Lamp Kit

3D printed parts:

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