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Adding Motion sensing to projects is fun but can be hard - this library makes it easier.

Motion Sensors are great fun to use in projects adding interaction and dynamism to what we make - but they can be hard to use with various pitfalls. This library simplifies the use of the MPU6050 motion sensor by adding various features and illustrating how to use the sensor.

The SweetMaker MotionSensor Library offers the following features:

- Easy integration and use in Arduino projects
- Calibration routines for the MPU6050
- Generates Rotational Quaternion
- (Downloads MPU6050 DMP code)
- Provides Auto-Level re-orientation
- Allows Auto-Level + Z-Axis re-orientation
- Provides 3D rotational speed indication
- Provides orientation of sensor with respect to gravity
- Calculates how close the sensor is to arbitrary orientation of interest
- Implemented using Integer programming for efficiency
- Avoids trigonometric functions for efficiency
- Integrates with the SweetMaker framework”

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