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The project described here is a differential line receiver consisting of high-performance INA134 OPAMPs with on-chip precision resistors. The project is fully specified for high-performance audio applications and has excellent AC specifications, including low distortion (0.0005% at 1kHz) and high slew rate (14V/µs), assuring good dynamic response. In addition, wide output voltage swing and high output drive capability allow use in a wide variety of demanding applications. The INA134 on-chip resistors are laser trimmed for accurate gain and optimum common-mode rejection. Furthermore, excellent TCR tracking of the resistors maintains gain accuracy and common-mode rejection over temperature. Operating power supply ±4V to ±18V (8V to 36V total supply).

This project is used in combination with the DRV135 Audio-Balanced Line Driver as the transmitter. Together they offer a complete solution for transmitting analog audio signals without degradation over a long distance.”

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