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The project presented here is a differential output amplifier that converts a single-ended audio signal input to a balanced output pair. This balanced audio project consists of high-performance OPAMPS with on-chip precision resistors. They are fully specified for high-performance audio applications and have excellent AC specifications, including low distortion (0.0005% at 1 kHz) and high slew rate (15 V/µs). The board is based on DRV135 from Texas Instruments.

The on-chip resistors are laser-trimmed for accurate gain and optimum output common-mode rejection. Wide output voltage swing and high output drive capability allow use in a wide variety of demanding applications. They easily drive the large capacitive loads associated with long audio cables.

This project is used in combination with the Audio Line Receiver using INA134 as the receiver. Together they offer a complete solution for transmitting analog audio signals without degradation over a long distance.”

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