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How to Make the SmartBox V.2

This project will show you how to create the SmartBox V.2, a new smart and funny data/clock station.

This is a review of my first SmartBox that I made a few years ago, when I used a OLED little screen. This version is way more useful, complexe and easy-to-use on a daily basis.

It includes :

A 3.2” TFT screen, bigger than other ones used before on my previous projects
A kind of “personnal assistant” that expresses itself in the form of a smiley face : it changes emotion and expression after a while to give the SmartBox a lively look
More sensors : DHT11 for temperature and humidity, MQ-05 for buthane, alcoohol and smoke levels, a photoresistor for light level
A (true) clock : a DS3231
The possibility to navigate between menus using a “Back” button
In a nutshell, it’s more aesthetically pleasing and easier to use and to make.”

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