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Gesture Recognition: TinyML for 8-bit Microcontroller

How to create a gesture recognition system with Arduino and Neuton TinyML

In this project, I will show an easy way to get started with TinyML: implementing a Machine Learning model on an Arduino board while creating something cool: a gesture recognition system based on an accelerometer.

To make the experiment simpler, the system is designed to recognize only two gestures: a punch and a flex movement (in the data science field, a binary classification).

The biggest challenge of this experiment is trying to run the prediction model on a very tiny device: an 8-bit microcontroller. To achieve this, you can use Neuton.

Neuton is a TinyML framework. It allows to automatically build neural networks without any coding and with a little machine learning experience and embed them into small computing devices. It supports 8, 16, and 32-bit microcontrollers.”

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