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This is an Arduino uno led project where the leds spin and stop at a random place.

Firstly, thanks a lot that you decided to take a look at my project. I appreciate it.

Now, lets start.

I am a student currently at a design school in India. This project really came unexpected and I am extremely happy to see how it turned out. Two weeks earlier I would not have even cared to search the term Arduino. But here I am! Writing on Project Hub about my own Arduino project! Funny world :)

What is this project?
To give a brief idea to you all, this project is fairly simple with just using one Arduino uno, some leds, male to male jumper wires, a breadboard and a soldering gun. Just follow along and I am sure at the end of this article even you would have a clear understanding of this project.

How this works?
The Arduino send the data to its micro-processor and from there it goes to the specific led via a digital pin. Assuming you are here already reading about Arduino, I think you what digital pins are. Even if you don’t know, nothing worry. Just google, it is fairly simple than 5th grader Math problem. Now back to the project. Once the wires receives the signal, it is then transferred to different leds. You can lit multiple leds at once if you have a breadboard. I have made a schematic diagram which I will share down.

Is this complicated for anyone?
Not at all. Just one suggestion, understand the different aspects of the project before proceeding. Arduino is easy. Making connections via wires is easy. The entire project is easy. And its fun too! You feel amazing at the end of this journey.

Does it have a code?
Offcourse it does. Now, I confess here only that the code is not written by me. After a deep dive searching on the internet, I finally found something that worked with my mechanism. Even if you read the code carefully, you will understand what it is all about.

Can we understand it better with a schematic diagram?
Yes, you can. I have made one and will upload it here.

The project was no doubt a great learning experience. The online community too helped me a lot understand the Arduino and its working better. I highly recommend you try out this project and tell me how you experienced it.”

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