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Welcome to this Instructable, I’ve wanted to build one of these Labyrinth Games for some time now but rather than use the conventional method with the hand turn knobs, I wanted to use 2 of the small 28BYJ-48 stepper motors controlled by a Joystick to move both Axis.


This game is not my idea, there are various Labyrinth games out there, whether there are games utilising stepper motors and a Joystick then I don’t know, this version is just my take on the game.

The stepper motors should make for a smoother and more precise axis movement in theory which is needed to navigate the steel ball through the course, the whole idea of a game of skill is that it can be achieved, a lot I have seen are nearly impossible to complete, so some thought must be given to the layout and the route the ball must take to achieve this goal.

I will be using some left over spruce boards from a garden bench build and an off cut of 10mm Mdf for the playing area, the base will be 3mm ply

For everything to work correctly the woodworking may be beyond my skills, I’m not that precise but with this type of build, everything has to be precise especially with Axis movement.

On the Electronics side I am using an Arduino Nano with servo shield, with digital pins used for the stepper motors and Analog pins for the Joystick.

The stepper motors are driven by the ULN2003 driver boards.

It should make for a very Interesting build so lets get to it!

- Arduino Nano and Servo Shield
- 2 x 28BYJ-48 5v Stepper motors with ULN2003 Drivers.
- 10mm MDF
- 3mm MDF
- 3mm Ply
- CA Glue
- Wood glue
- 20mm x 20mm wood battens
- 20mm x 40mm
- 6mm dowelling
- String
- Eye screws
- Small Springs for String Tension”

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