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The project presented here is a versatile high voltage Half-Bridge with Over-Current Shutdown. The project is built using LT1158 IC from Analog Devices. It is suited for many applications as listed below. A single input pin on the LT1158 synchronously controls two N-channel power MOSFETs IRF3710 in a totem pole configuration. Unique adaptive protection against shoot-through currents eliminates all matching requirements for the two MOSFETs. This greatly eases the design of high-efficiency motor control and switching regulator systems. A continuous current limit loop in the LT1158 regulates short-circuit current in the top power MOSFET. Higher start-up currents are allowed as long as the MOSFET VDS does not exceed 1.2V. By returning the FAULT output to the enable input, the LT1158 will automatically shut down in the event of a fault and retry when an internal pull-up current has recharged the enable capacitor. An on-chip charge pump is switched in when needed to turn on the top N-channel MOSFET continuously. Special circuitry ensures that the top side gate drive is safely maintained in the transition between PWM and DC operation. The gate-to-source voltages are internally limited to 14.5V when operating at higher supply voltages. The circuit requires a single PWM signal, duty cycle 0 to 99%, frequency 0 to 100Khz. Working supply range 12V to 24V DC.”

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