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Driving a low current 3 phase brushless Sensorless DC motor is very easy with this project. This Full-wave BLDC driver project is capable to drive low current brushless fan motor without a hall sensor. 180° sinusoidal drive, high torque output, and silent drive are a few key features of the project. Due to their adaptive features and wide power-supply range capabilities (3 to 12V) they are intended to cover a wide range of motor characteristics while requiring no external tuning from the user. Speed control can be achieved through either power supply modulation or pulse-width-modulation (using the PWM digital input pin5 of CN1). Due to the compact packaging and minimum bill-of-material (power transistors incorporated, no Hall sensor, no external tuning), the project is best suited for low-cost fan applications requiring high efficiency and low acoustic noise, such as CPU cooling fans. The frequency generator output is also included, enabling precision speed control in closed-loop applications. Motor over-current limitation, short-circuit protection, and thermal shutdown protection is also included. Connect 3 Phase Motor to CN2, Apply Motor Supply to GND and VCC of CN1, Apply PWM signal to PIN 5 of CN1. D1 Power LED.”

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