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I’ve always been a fan of air instruments where you make music without touching anything so when DFRobot offered to send some sensors so I can make a project with them, I pitched the idea of making a set of Air Drums.
An Air Drum is a device where you can make a rhythm without actually hitting any surface and for that, I’m using ultrasonic sensors that detect when my hands get close enough to the sensor.

The project is based on the URM09 sensors from DFRobot as well as their FireBeetle ESP32 development board that has WiFi, Bluetooth, and an onboard lithium charging circuit so the entire drum kit can be made portable.

You can check out the DFRobot store here:

Below is a list of all the DFRobot sensors and controllers used in the video:

- URM09 Ultrasonic sensor
- FireBeetle ESP32 IoT Microcontroller
- Gravity I/O Expansion Shield
- Gravity: I2C HUB
- DFPlayer Pro - A mini MP3 Player
- MAX98357 I2S Amplifier Module
- Stereo Enclosed Speaker
- Gravity: Voice Recorder Module”

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