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STMicroelectronics simplifies and accelerates wireless product development with certified STM32WB1MMC Bluetooth® LE module

The new STM32 Bluetooth® wireless module from STMicroelectronics lets designers access the advantages of ST’s dual core STM32WB microcontrollers (MCUs), especially in projects intended for low-to-medium production volumes.

The module simplifies development and accelerates time to market, combining Bluetooth Low Energy 5.3 certification and worldwide radio-equipment approvals with the STM32Cube ecosystem support.

The all-in-one STM32WB1MMC module alleviates supply-chain headaches and lead-time issues, and helps avoid certification costs and delays. Delivering a full reference design in an LGA package, the STM32WB1MMC assembles the complete bill of materials needed for a functioning wireless product on cost-efficient PCB technology. There is an internal antenna and optimized matching network, as well as convenient pins for attaching an external antenna instead of the internal one if required. RF performance up to +6dBm output power and -96dBm sensitivity, with optimized signal routing, ensures reliable communication over long distances at data rates up to 2Mbit/s. A switched-mode power supply for the subsystem is also built in. The entire module is made in-house, which simplifies supply and support for customers, and ST’s 10-year rolling longevity plan ensures long-term availability.

The module is built around the STM32WB15 MCU with 320KB flash and 48KB RAM. The MCU’s dual-core architecture comprising Arm® Cortex®-M0+ and Cortex-M4 cores ensures real-time performance of both the radio subsystem, from the M0+, and user application, running on the M4. The Bluetooth 5.3 stack and profiles provided support the latest capabilities including advertising extensions. Architected to minimize energy demand, the MCU provides flexible power-management modes including standby and stop2 that allow self-powered devices to operate without intervention for extended periods. The module allows easy access to all STM32WB15 features, which include a 12-bit analog-digital converter (ADC), various digital interfaces, and an interface.

Like the existing STM32WB5MMG module, which contains larger flash and SRAM, the STM32WB1MMC module and its supporting B-WB1M-WPAN1 evaluation board are fully integrated within the STM32Cube environment. Software development is thus as convenient as working with any of the STM32WB MCUs. The STM32CubeWB MCU package provides resources including hardware abstraction layer (HAL) firmware, Low-Layer APIs, File system, and RTOS. Sharing this package with other STM32WB MCUs allows direct porting of existing projects to the module, which maximizes flexibility and helps accelerate project completion.

STM32WB1MMC modules are in production now and available for $5.32 for orders of 10,000 units.”

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