Get water meter data sent to your mobile phone using Wi-Fi. Made with ATtiny85 + ESP8266-01 + Blynk.cc and AA batteries.

Transfer water meter data to mobile phone using home Wi-Fi. Use AA batteries for power.

Waterius can sends:
current values everyday
delta values (per day)
e-mail by Blynk (title and message template)
data to your TCP server
Values saved in ATtiny EEPROM cycle buffer (~2 millions cycles). “Software ESD protection”.

How It Works
Two chips: ATtiny85 in deep sleep mode. It counts impulses and wakes up ESP-01 to transfer data to Blynk every day. Chips talks by i2c line.

Power: 3AA batteries (or 2AA lithium batteries without voltage regulator)

Current: 15-24 uA in deep sleep, 75 mA when transmitting for ~5 sec

Lifetime: estimated 4 year battery life

Limits: 2 impulses per second (increased by constant in code)

Inputs: 2 water meters”


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