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Hulda Clark’s Syncrometer was a device she claimed could detect the presence of various substances in the body, such as parasites, toxins, and pathogens. Hulda Clark was a controversial figure in the alternative medicine community, and her ideas and devices have not been scientifically validated. At the request of several of my subscribers, I decided to explain to you how you can make such an instrument yourself. The device is extremely simple to make and represents the most common oscillator whose frequency of oscillation depends on a given resistance. In this particular case it will be the resistance of our skin. I want to remind you that I will not at all explain the way of diagnosis using this method, but only the technical part, that is, the way of its production.

The basic version of this device was made at the end of the last century, so some parts are hard to find nowadays, so I will make it with modern components. The most difficult to obtain is the output audio transformer, which was used in small portable radios manufactured in the last century. Instead of original, I’m going to use two audio transformers, each with a winding ratio of 8000:8 which can easily be bought online and the price is less than 2 dollars for 5 pieces.”

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