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Meshtastic DIY - How To Build Your Own Meshtastic Node ESP32

Create your own Meshtastic LoRa Node with our easy DIY guide. A complete step-by-step for building your customized mesh communication system

In this guide, we’ll walk you through building your very own Meshtastic LoRa Node. Sure, you could easily buy a Heltec V3 for just 15 USD, but if you’ve got some spare boards lying around from old projects or you enjoy the satisfaction of building things yourself, then this guide is for you.

Now let’s get started with the hardware you need:

- 1x ESP-32S WiFi + Bluetooth Devkit V1 (30 PIN) - AliExpress Price 3.82USD
- 1x 433 Mhz LoRa Module Ra-02 DIP - AliExpress Price: 3.72USD
- x1 GIZONT 433 Mhz 10 dbi Gain (Optional but Highly Recommended) - AliExpress Price: 11.16USD For Pair Short & Large (Tested with ~1.5 KM Range In High-Density City No LOS) - Single Antenna - AliExpress Price: 4.88USD - 5.58USD
- x1 IPEX to SMA-K (If you decide to go with Antenna) - AliExpress Pirce: 2.95USD
- 14x Female to Female Pin Connector - AliExpress Price: 0.42USD
- 0.96 inch I2C OLED - AliExpress Price: 1.29USD (Optional but you will need Serial Connection to Pair)
- 4x Female to Female Pin Connector (If you decide to go with screen)
- 1x Soldering Iron + 60/40 Solder Wire (Optional - You can go to a nearby electronic shop to solder the Lora header on the board)”

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