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Turn this small, cheap, and almost non-functional device into a real Tesla coil that generates a sparks with a length of several centimeter

Some time ago I bought a mini tesla coil kit from an online store that cost less than $4. It’s a very simple project that I made in a very short time and immediately after switching it on it worked correctly. If I bring a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) closer to a certain distance, it lights up under the influence of the electric field generated by the device.

However, even at the maximum recommended voltage of 24 volts, the length of the spark is not greater than 1-2 millimeters. in fact, it is not a real spark, but a small plasma flame. It even contains an audio modulator, so if we bring a music signal to the input, the plasma reproduces sound, unfortunately with a very low intensity, barely audible. So I got the idea to turn this little device into a real Tesla coil with some reasonable visible spark length.”

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