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Cartoon Digital Clock With Switchable Style

Hey everyone! You know we already have a 1.28 inch screen, and now, we have an upgraded new product, MaTouch ESP32 S3 Rotary IPS Display 1.2

Do you find that the style of your digital clock doesn’t suit you, or do you get tired of the original style of the clock after a while?

So this time I make an digital clock that can change the style of dial, using makerfabs upgraded 1.28” screen, this board has screw holes in the four corners, which make it very easy to install. And compared to the 2.1″ screen, it also comes with the same rotary encoder and press screen function, but the price is nearly 50% cheaper!


- MaTouch ESP32-S3 RotaryIPS-Display1.28” GC9A01
- Software support: Arduino, SquareLine”

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