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A single-button keyboard, based on ESP32-S3, with a color screen.

CircuitPython is used by default. You can also use MicroPython, Arduino.

- The display part adopts a 0.85-inch color screen, 128x128 resolution, and the display content is delicate
- The main control board is currently only designed with the esp32s3 version, which supports WiFi, flash and RAM large enough to help add more functional scripts
- The overall operation is mainly based on the mechanical axis buttons in the middle, and the left and right sides of the fuselage are generally used as auxiliaries
- The keyboard axis uses a pluggable design, and you can freely choose the silent axis or others
- Built-in a small speaker, listening to a sound is so easy
- An on-board 6-axis motion sensor
- There is an expansion port on the rear side of the fuselage
- USB Type-C interface
- One reset button at the bottom
- On-board colorful LEDs”

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