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I made a Nano USB HUB

A small hub which is designed to pack inside any laptop, where space is very less and extra USB port is required.

I want to use the USB hub internally in my laptop but the available ones are very bulky and do not satisfy all the required conditions. Usually a USB hub is made to be recognized by the PC when inserted in the port. Similarly the USB hub extra port comes with a port detection option. Whenever we plug USB it will be detected by the system automatically.

But I want to use a USB hub inside of my laptop to add extra Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in it without compromising the USB ports. I want to not detect the USB again and again because once it is placed in the laptop, I will never disconnect it. And this is the type of settings which is done on the hardware level.

I got my hands on a USB series IC from microchip USB2422 which supports two downstream ports and the functions are programmable. Which is the best option for this project. To make the minimal system using this IC the only way to proceed is with Custom PCB from PCBWAY.

USB 2422:
The Microchip USB2422 hub is a low-power, single transaction translator, hub controller IC with two downstream ports for embedded USB solutions. The hub controller can attach to an upstream port as a Hi-Speed and Full-Speed hub or as a Full-Speed only hub. The hub supports Low-Speed, Full-Speed, and Hi-Speed (when configured as a Hi-Speed hub) downstream devices on the enabled downstream ports. All required resistors on the USB ports are integrated into the hub. This includes all series termination resistors on D+ and D- pins and all required pull-down and pull-up resistors on D+ and D- pins. The over-current sense inputs for the downstream facing ports have internal pull-up resistors.


- Supports a single external 3.3 V supply source
- On-chip driver for 24 MHz crystal resonator
- ESD protection up to 6 kV on all USB pins
- Supports self-powered operation
- Downstream ports as non-removable ports
- USB Battery Charging options
- Overcurrent detection

Components required:
- USB2422 IC
- SPX3819 3.3V Linear voltage regulator
- 24MHz Crystal Resonator
- 18pf loading capacitors
- 1uf, 100nf, 1nf power line filtering capacitor
- 47K resistor for pull up/down settings
- Custom PCB from PCBWAY

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