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Real time control of a many solenoids.

As I designed an self-designed PCB(MCP23017 IO Expander for 16 solenoids on 1 board) to control a large number of solenoids and built an enclosure to house 100(10x10) solenoids. Then I got a about 500 solenoids, then controll from M5StampC3 with ESP-NOW remote networking.

MCP23017 have 8 I2C address, so 7 circuit board is needed for 100 solenoids. Each board connected with I2C from controller board(I use M5Stamp C3).

Minimun test for self-designed PCB with Arduino UNO. This board connect each other with I2C and controlled. So, minimum setting is 1 board / 1 controller(arduino/m5stamp…etc) controll 16 solenoids.

The parts of the circuit board are as follows.

IO Expander : MCP23017 x1
MOSFET : 2SK4017 x16
register: RK73B1JTTD103J 1608(0603) x 18
diode : GS1010FL x16”

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