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This is a PEMF signal amplifier and not a complete PEMF device, but therefore it can be connected to various sources of such a signal.

PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy is a type of therapy that uses electromagnetic fields to improve health and well-being. The basic idea behind PEMF is that it can influence the body at the cellular level, promoting healing and regeneration. The electromagnetic fields generated by PEMF devices can penetrate the body and interact with the cells, tissues, and organs.

PEMF therapy is used in various medical and wellness applications. It is commonly employed for pain management, wound healing, and bone-related disorders.

In several of my previous videos, I described simple ways to cheaply make such a device yourself. This time I will describe a way to make a PEMF device that will receive the frequency signal from an external device such as a PC with appropriate software, a mobile phone, or a commercial PEMF device that has a voltage output, whereby this device would amplify that signal.

The magnetic field that can be radiated by this device reaches a value of up to 150 Gauss, and with the parallel addition of Mosfets and a powerful power supply, stronger fields can easily be achieved.

Of course, the radiation coil plays an important role here, which you can see more about in the videos mentioned above. However, I should also mention that according to NASA research, fields of 1 to 4 Gauss are sufficient for effective therapy.

The device also has a meter of the strength of the emitted magnetic field made with an Arduino microcontroller, but this time we will leave this part out for a simpler design.”

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