How Two Ex-Amazon Engineers Invented a New Type of Customizable Force Interface

It feels like a wave of pressure-sensitive tactile interfaces has been about to crest for years. But a pair of engineers believe they’ve built the hardware and software that could delivers on that promise—and they’ve funded the first round of production in just a couple of hours. It’s called Sensel Morph , and the two inventors behind it think it could replace the way we interact with our devices today. “We’re trying to replace the archaic keyboard and mouse with an interface that captures the nuance and expression our hands are capable of,” says Ilya Rosenberg in the pitch video. Rosenberg and his partner, Aaron Zarraga, met while working as engineers at Amazon. Rosenberg left the company to finish up a PhD, and later reconnected with Zarraga while showing off a prototype of the force-sensitive interface.”


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