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Air Pollution Detector

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Customizable Jigsaw cutter

DC Motor Controller

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irrighino V

LilyPad Light Sensor Hookup Guide

New flat transistor defies theoretical limit

Occam’s Microcontroller

ON Semiconductor to Acquire Fairchild Semiconductor for $2.4 Billion in Cash

Protecting the Universal Serial Bus from Over Voltage and Overcurrent Threats

Quantum physics meets genetic engineering

Researchers from Kiel and Bochum develop new information storage device

Stackable Battery Holders

STMicroelectronics Announces Most Advanced 32bit Secure Microcontroller

Team develops ‘electronic plants’

The Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book

TinyEKF: Lightweight C/C++ Extended Kalman Filter for microcontrollers

5x5 LED Display Snake Game V

A folding robot weighing four grams that crawls and jumps

Arduino case with fan mount

Arduino Pocket Lightning Detector V

Arduino Weather Station (AWS)

Bluetooth enabled Door locker using Arduino

Discovery of classic pi formula a ‘cunning piece of magic’

DIY Arduino Dot Matrix Wrist Watch V


EMF detector 0- 999 Hz for ATtiny 85

First optical rectenna—combined rectifier and antenna—converts light to DC current

Garage Door Keypad

MINI Desk Spot Light

New ARM Cortex-A35 Processor Extends the ARMv8-A Architecture Deeper Into Mobile and Embedded Markets

New refrigerator cools food without electricity

NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX1 Supercomputer-on-Module Drives Next Wave of Autonomous Machines

PiAware - Aircraft Overhead Indicator LED

Sequential Self-Folding Structures by 3D Printed Digital Shape Memory Polymers

Timer with 555

turn signal biking jacket V

Ultrasonic Piano V

Using an RPi to Control an RGB LED

ARDUINO IDE 1.6.6 released and available for download

ARM Unveils Enhanced Technologies to Speed-Up Mass Deployment of IoT Devices

Big, auto dim, room clock (using arduino and WS2811)

Build a LED Cube 4x4x4 in less than 3 hours V

Customizeable compass cutter

Digital Sundial

DIP chip clip

DIY Arduino based PHOTO BOOTH

DIY Floppy Drive Piano (Floppiano) V

First Optical Rectenna Converts Light to DC Current

Flinders reseacher’s new material lays waste to mercury pollution

Incoming space junk a scientific opportunity

Laser Cut SphereBot

Obstacle detector using Infrared

RC Mars Rover

RPiScope: a raspberry pi microscope, build from laser cut acrylic parts

Self-assembling material that grows and changes shape could lead to artificial arteries

Sound-Reactive Earrings

TensorFlow - Google’s latest machine learning system, open sourced for everyone

The MagPi - Conquer The Command Line

Very low power LED firefly

38mm x 38mm Laser Engraver build using CD-ROM/Writer on ATmega328p V

48V Phantom power supply

A Different Type of 2D Semiconductor

Arduino POV Display V

Custom Arduino guitar V

Ethernet (LAN RJ45) cable tester with Arduino

Generic Parametric Cooling Fan Nozzle

Glass covered swimming pool powered by Rainbowduinos V

HispaBrick issue 23 now available

Infrared LED Alarm

Lie Detector and Biofeedback Arduino Based

Live Texturing of Augmented Reality Characters from Colored Drawings

MOTOBOT Ver.1 (Technology exhibit)

Open Badge:You’da Maker V

PCB clamp

Raspberry Pi Customization Service

The MagPi 39

Understanding silicon circuits: inside the ubiquitous 741 op amp

Universal Project Box for Type C PCB