Arduino Pocket Lightning Detector

We all enjoy working and playing outside. But I think anyone would agree that getting struck by lightning while having fun outdoors defiantly isn’t… fun! Ok enough with the Cute intro…. This project came about when, while I was searching around through the internet for sensors that I might like to try with an arduino as an interesting project. I also run a video camera for our local school district’s football stadium and it’s not uncommon to have Lightning delays. I thought this project might have some use in that regard as well. I have several Arduino nanos laying around and was itching to make something. In my searching I found the AS3935 Lightning detection sensor. Franklin as3935 (Here’s a link to some data on it.) It’s a low power lightning sensor that packs a lot of info into a small package. Most Arduino lightning detection projects basically just tell you that something “lightning-like” occurred. This sensor actually watches for the particular Waveform of lightning at 500Khz and gives a distance approximation! Kinda of a cool little gadget to have in your pocket next time it thunders! I immediately wanted to try one out!! This instructable is the result.”


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