Ultrasonic Piano

Note: Above is a video - it may show as a photo only on some mobile devices. This is an ideal project for a science fair etc. - it’s not too difficult to construct, yet makes a playful interactive exhibit. The idea is to have a lot of proximity sensors - each triggering a different sound sample. No touch needed - no complex light-beams etc - everything is just sitting on the one table. The distance someone needs be from the table for a note is triggered is customisable. It has an custom optimized ultrasonic code for sampling multiple detectors at once - it is highly responsive and does not block for seconds like the standard libraries tend to do when objects are far away. The Edison was used as it makes it possible to connect up PC speakers using a (very cheaply available) USB Sound card - and the sound quality is really very good compared to other development boards we have tried. Also many sounds can be played simultaneously - just like a real piano :) All images and videos taken with my mobile phone - hope the quality is good enough…”


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