Glass covered swimming pool powered by Rainbowduinos

” Since this is my first post, i will post a short Youtube video to show you the ending result of what it’s all about. Many apologies for the quality of the video: It was a test video, and i am not in the location to make another one. Soon a more detailed video and more pictures will be added to my blog. As you can see in this video, this is a swimming pool converted in a dance floor. It is all covered in blocks of glass each weighting up to 98 kg, except for the stairs and the sides which weight less. Surrounding each block of glass we added a RGB led strip with common anode. For this project i used almost 450 meters of RGB strip , 2 Rainbowduinos , 64 power Mosfet transistors , 64 bipolar transistors ,a few capacitors and some resistors.”


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