New refrigerator cools food without electricity

More than 1 billion people around the world still don’t have access to electricity, representing about 15 percent of humanity. That poses several problems, including not just heating, cooling and lighting, but also food preservation. Universal access to electricity is still years away, with the World Bank having set 2030 as a target date. But in the meantime, a team of students from the University of Calgary has come up with a way to keep food cool without relying on electricity. Named WindChill, the new refrigerator prototype instead turns to the animal kingdom for inspiration, using biomimicry to imitate animals including bees, termites, coral, elephants, kangaroos and meerkats. And not only is the Windchill designed to preserve food without electricity, but it’s also cheap and relatively portable, making it a potential windfall for people living in remote, rural areas.”


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