RPiScope: a raspberry pi microscope, build from laser cut acrylic parts

Based on the RPI camera and LEGO brick-based microscope I had presented earlier ( A-Raspberry-Pi-camera-based-microscope-built-from- LEGO ), I have constructed a similar microscope build from Plexiglas parts. So now you may build your microscope even w/o having a large LEGO collection. One thing missing in this prototype is the adjustment gears of the LEGO version. The maximum resolution of the microscope is about 5 µm/pixel. At high resolution only a small area will be in focus and you will see an effect called chromatic abberation. You may use this microscope to analyse objects in the range from a 20th of a millimeter to 5 mm. This means fruitflies, hair, salt and dust, but not individual cells, e.g. from blood or cell culture. Below you will find a description of the device and the information necessary to build one on your own. The prototype version presented here had been constructed in a way that would allow easy assembly from pre-produced parts and subsequent disassembly, as long as long the parts are not glued together. This was intended to allow modification and optimization the microscope, and adaption for special applications, if required.”


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