Occam's Microcontroller

”Occam’s Microcontroller” is my article in the Autumn 2013 edition of the G-QRP Club’s “SPRAT” Journal - and the subsequent presentation at The G-QRP Club’s Rishworth QRP Convention, 26th October 2013 . If you read the pages of this blog with interest, you probably are a member of G-QRP. If not, I heartily recommend that you join. SPRAT’s editor George, g3rjv, kindly gave me permission to make a local copy of the article available through this website - you can download such a copy here and the associated double-page graphic here. This page exists to provide supporting resources for the article (and for subsequent presentations associated with it). These resources include code, schematics and PCB design files. This is a work-in-progress - there’s a sufficient set of resources here now, but it is being added to over time.”


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