Generic Parametric Cooling Fan Nozzle

This is a nozzle/duct for cooling a 3D print. It’s not the most effective, but it will work for any printer where the print bed moves up and down for Z. Designed to fit a 40mm fan. v2: Optimized for Customizer, since the design can be easily adapted for other fan sizes by changing some variables. Increased nozzle wall thickness - 0.6mm was too thin for my liking. v1: Basic design. The curve is sinusoidal for smooth turns in airflow. I’d like to make the output end wider, but it’s a catch-22 because I’d need a cooling fan to be able to print that overhang angle. Mounts on a board or other vertical shaft, to be lined up with the height of the extruder tip. SCAD file included so ya’ll can tweak and modify it easily.”


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