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BattleBots is one of my favorite TV shows. If you don’t know what it is, in a nutshell it’s a show where builders create robots to fight one another. As a fan, I have wanted to build my own for a long time. This is the 4th version of my design and after many hours thinking and redesigning, I am proud to showcase my finished bot, Proto. I have put a lot of thought and effort into making this work, with all of its features.
I chose to glue down only certain parts to keep my options open if I eventually wanted to swap parts, for example: a faster motor. The supplies for this robot can run expensive, but the finished product is well worth the cost. I happened to have some of these parts from my previously failed mini-drone project (I have made a successful drone as well don’t worry).
Putting this robot together does not take much time at all, aside from waiting for glue to dry. Many of the connections are plug-in and there is very little soldering involved. Glueing was tricky but after finding the right clamps it went very well.
Supplies:For this project, I used Autodesk Fusion 360 to design and export my parts, Simplify3D to create the .gcode files, and a Qidi X-Pro 3D printer. Here are the supplies that I used but feel free to deviate a little for a better price or faster shipping (just make sure that the new parts are compatible with the others):
-10 cm jumper wires (female to female and male to male)
-6-pin pcb headers (male to female)
-an l298n motor controller
-at least 8x 10mm by 3mm magnets
-a 3s or 4s lithium polymer battery (and charger)
-a drone power distribution board
-2x RS1306 brushless motors (1x clockwise and 1x counter-clockwise) (with hex caps and attachment screws)
-2x 12a electronic speed controllers
-FlySky transmitter and receiver
-Arduino nano with headers
-2x brushed 12v dc motors (between 200 and 600 rpm)
-XT60 to t-plug adapter
-rubber bands (size 16)
-4x 608 bearings
-small flathead screwdriver
-small philips screwdriver
-wire strippers and cutters
-pipe clamps (or similar) for gluing
-soldering iron
-lead free solder (for health reasons)
-PLA / ABS filament ( I used red PLA black PLA and white ABS)
-TPU filament (I used black)
-.stl files located in the next step”

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