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The Protobot Project

Simple and easy to use

With a total of 2 motors, and 4 sensors, the ProtoBot is a very simple robot. Don’t let it fool you, though! You can still do a lot with it, especially with programming. It’s also very easy to build. In our experience, a middle schooler can build one in a few hours, including soldering the board.

Low Cost and Accessible

Using cheap, common components, the ProtoBot is easily sourced online. The plastic parts can be printed on any 3D printer that has a build volume of 10x10x5, or ordered from a 3D printing service online. The 2 layer PCB can be hand etched, or obtained through a PCB prototyping service.

100% Open Source

Everything is open source, even the guides. That means anyone can:

Download all design files, source code, and documentation free of charge
Modify all or any part of the work
Distribute the original, or modified versions of the work
Sell copies of the original, or modified work
Inspire youth to learn about STEM

We’re passionate about robots. We also think robotics will play a huge role in our future. Because of that, we think it’s important that more youth learn about, understand, and enjoy robotics.

Help educators overcome costs

Traditional educational robots are expensive. The ProtoBot costs under $12 in materials costs, and by having kids assemble their own, they get experience in the physical side of Robotics, not just software. This makes it easy for educators to give each kid a robot of their own- And then let the kids keep them.

Be accessible to everyone

Open Source, Free, and low materials cost – This enables educators with limited funds to still be able to use the ProtoBots. The components are common and easily found, the software free and compatible with older computers, and the resources and learning materials cost nothing, besides the physical paper they’re printed on.

Are you interested in making a ProtoBot for yourself? Hosting a MakerCamp or using them in your classroom? Doing anything else with them? You can! It’s free! Please do! We want to help you. All it costs is time and the bare materials.

This is a work in progress- There are some sharp ends! But we’re here to help, and we’re always working on the guides to make them better, as we host our own camps. Contact us, and let us know where the sharp ends are, so we can work on rounding them out.”

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