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Display for PC RAM, VRAM, CPU & GPU with gauges

Instead of having numbers floating around your screen to see your pc performance, here you can use an arduino with lcd to display it to you

if you have an arduino laying around with an LCD display, you can use it to monitor your pc performance, just like task manager or like MSI Afterburner. in this case, I design it to display RAM, VRAM, CPU & GPU of my PC. it just nice you know to see it fluctuates over time, especially if you open a spec demanding software like video editor or even some games.

first, my bad for not using i2c for the lcd. I dont have it, and the shipping price is 3x the device price itself, so whatever. you can tweak the code and schematic by yourself if you have it.

I display RAM on the top left, CPU on the top right, VRAM on the bottom left, and GPU on the bottom right.

the display consist 4 icons, each for every components. for the VRAM, I just out of custom character for it, so I just “V” for it.

and then, 2 character to display percentage. I dont display the “%” character to save space. also, for number 100, it uses 3 character. since it rarely happen, I change it to “XX” also for save space.

finally, the rest of the existing characters is for the gauge. just basic gauge. full when 100, nothing when 0.

for the schematic and hardware, you can just use basic lcd 16x2 schematic instead of mine where mine use 2 potentiometer”

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