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Made a DC Handheld Fan from scratch using 3D Printed parts and a custom PCB. An Attiny13A powers the whole setup.

I prepared a 3D Printed body and made a custom PCB that holds all the essential electronics on it that drives the main motor, I’m using Micro Brushed DC Motor here which is generally used in Micro Drones, It’s loud and super powerful.

As for the brain of this project, I used an Attiny13A to control a Mosfet IC that drives the DC motor.

Its operation is simple, we first turn ON this setup by pressing the ON-OFF Switch.

next, we press the toggle switch to start the FAN.

It has two modes that can be triggered on single and double pressing the toggle switch, on the first press this setup runs at 100% Speed, 50% on the second press, and OFF state on the third press.

This article is gonna be about the whole built process of this Fan, so let’s get started.

Material Required
following are materials I used in this project-

- Custom PCB
- Attiny13A
- TP4056
- AO4406A
- 10K Resistor 0805 Package
- M7 Diode SMA
- 1uF capacitor 1206
- 1K Resistor 0805 Package
- RED 0603 LED
- BLUE 0603 LED
- ON OFF Switch
- Toggle switch
- Type C Port
- 3D printed body set
- DC micro brush motor
- drone fan
- 10uf 16v capacitor
- Lithium Cell 3.7V 1200mAh”

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