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Made a Fume Extractor by using a custom Attiny13 Based Motor driver board and 3D Printed Body,


So here’s something COOL, a DIY Fume Extractor made completely from scratch.

Its body is made up of 3D Printed parts and the motor controller is based on Attiny13 MCU that uses a Mosfet IC to control the Motor Via PWM Signal that we control with a button.

It has three modes for working, One first button press, Motor Runs at 100% Speed.

The second Button press reduces the motor Speed by up to 50%, Third Press turns Motor OFF.

It is powered by a single 3.7V 2200mAh Lithium Cell and uses a Micro Drone Motor as Exhaust Fan and its backup is more than 4 hours in 100% Mode and 8 Hours in 50% Mode.

This Article is about the whole built Process of this project so let’s get started.

Here are things that were used in this built-

- Custom PCB
- Attiny13A
- TP4056
- AO4406 Mosfet IC
- 10K Resistor
- 0805 LEDs RED and BLUE
- 1K Resistor
- Type C Port
- 3D Printed Body
- Micro Motor and its FAN
- 3.7V 2200mAh Lithium Cell
- ON-OFF Button
- Button”

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