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The development of science and technology has created new innovations. Of these inventions, the robot is the most important. Because it can imitate the movement of a particular human. Percent has different types of robots that can perform different types of tasks. A robot arm is a device that can replicate a human arm using a motor. You can move it along an axis or rotate it in a specific direction. Initially, robot arms were developed to support mass production in the automotive industry. These were built to increase production efficiency, achieve high precision, and perform thesame task multiple times. When studying the basics, duplicating a basic level robotic arm at home is not that complicated.

So, in this project main task was to implement a 5 DOF (Degree of Freedom) mechanical arm using ATMEGA 32 microcontroller. The microcontroller was used to control six servo motors. Since ATMEGA 32 has four PWM signals. Such are OC0, OC1A, OC1Band OC2 respectively. Mobile application was designed to send movement signal tothe servo motors.


- atmega 32A
- 7805 voltage regulator * 7
- 7806 voltage regulator * 7
- dot board
- MG 995 motors * 8
- 12 mhz crystal oscillator
- bluetooth module hc-06
- 0.22 uF 8_
_- 0.1uF

- 10 uF *8
- 1k , 2k resistors”

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